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Kitchener, ON
We just bought our first home and we never imagined it would be so perfect! The Doug Coulter team was amazing! Lisa talked through the en...
Surrey, BC
Amazing customer service. Smart and detail orientated. Will help you from A-Z. Highly recommended!
Victoria, BC
No longer a licensed realtor in British Columbia.
Mississauga, ON
Having lived a very comfortable and great life in Mississauga for more than 25 years me & my wife Dr Shashi thought of moving into our ne...
Windsor, ON
Proffesional..efficient and successful.Quick painless sale.
Vancouver, BC
Dale Mounzer just sold my home in Vancouver. I was extremely please with all aspects of the process. Dale was professional in every way a...
Unknown man
Oradell, NJ
There's no one else that I'd trust my real estate needs to! If only all other realtors were as well-professional as Albert Rassam. Alb...
Edmonton, AB
I contacted Bruno because I was looking to purchase a condo in Edmonton, Alberta. Therefore, it was literally a gift to him in that it w...
Calgary, AB
We loved having the whole family involved as it gave us opinions from both generations and a male/female perspective