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Team Corber is the best real estate team out there! Don’t waste your time with anyone else....hire them to get the job done right!!! They...
London, ON
Melanie stuck with us for the past 9 months and made sure we didn’t give up on what we wanted! She offered tons of advice and supported d...
Saskatoon, SK
"Heather Kehoe had a very imprssive collection of likes and positive reviews on Facebook. If you want your house sold fast, Heather wi...
Unknown man
Newton, MA
very good to work with
Oshawa, ON
JoAnn is very knowledgeable, understands her clients needs and is very kind with our animals & children. She knows we live in our home an...
Markham, ON
This TEAM knows the markets inside and out and have mastered the art of selling homes. They are very professional yet made us feel like f...
Victoria, BC
We decided to work with Tony and his team with the warm welcome and relaxed smile he gave us; it was genuine like him. His knowledge and ...
Hamilton, ON
Calgary, AB
We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan Popovitch. From beginning to end we had a very positive experien...