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Website http://bcrealtyweb.com/
Company DFH
Phone (250) 477-7291
Fax (250) 477-3161
Address 3914 Shelbourne St

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Lindsay did her job throughout the complicated negotiations and transactions, but seemed to lose sight of who the transaction was difficult FOR. She admitted that the whole transaction was the worst experience she had ever had, but whenever a glitch happened, she'd say, "we're screwed", forgetting that it was actually US, not HER who was "screwed". She still got her money, and although it was 'successful', it caused us a lot of heartache. We are all human, and make mistakes; I'm not holding her to the few mistakes that happened along the way. But after all the grief and stress it put on us, it would have been nice to have at least heard from her on moving day, or even in the next few weeks.(the moving out time was 5 hours earlier than she had told us; we found this out the night before.) It seemed that once she got the money, she lost interest. She's not a bad person, but needs to work on people skills and relationship building in order to receive future recommendations.


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