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We were introduced to Team Paliwal through a mutual friend of ours, when we were looking to purchase our first home. Our son was just 2 months old and we had less than 3 months to vacate the current place. We toured a lot of homes with many different features across Mississauga/Brampton. Gyanesh and Anshu were patient and helpful throughout the whole process of viewing many properties, They always made sure that all visits were scheduled so that we had to spend less time travelling with our son. They went above and beyond several times to point out the less than positive details about the places we were looking at that we failed to notice. In the end ,we bought a house in Brampton which seems to us the right place that we will be happy in for years to come and we paid a fair price which was well within our budget. They were also very helpful in guiding us through the process of closing. We would use them again in the future and would definitely recommend them in a heartbeat.