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Ottawa, ON
Excellent service through and through! Professional, very knowledgeable and made the selling process very smooth. Would definitely recomm...
London, ON
He was all talk.. Very disappointed!!!
Mississauga, ON
We were lucky to find Dianne and her team to work on finding the right property for us. Their patience and persistence really paid off. T...
Gatineau, QC
Selling my house with Équipe Marty Waite was just about as easy and rewarding as I could have ever hoped for. Thanks to their homegrown...
Ottawa, ON
My husband and I were buying our first home and doing so while out of the province. Yasmin went above and beyond in every interaction we ...
Brampton, ON
Called Kash after he sold my in-laws home. He helped stage and sell it before the closing date of my newly purchased home. Also gave me a...
Vancouver, BC
The worst realtor you can ever have. All the good ratings were fake and written by the people in her office. She promised us a lot at the...
Victoria, BC
Darren Day was everything I expected in a real estate agent. I had asked him many questions about foreign buyers, the realistic value of ...
Victoria, BC
Tracy was amazing, we were relocating from the mainland. While I used to live in Victoria had been away for 15 years so it had changed so...