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Vancouver, BC
Excellent & professional
Victoria, BC
I have worked with Jason and Sarah on a sale two years ago and a recent purchase. They are both very professional and caring, and I fel...
Calgary, AB
Lindsay was very helpful especially when getting my house ready to list. She expertly staged my house and the pictures for the listing we...
Ottawa, ON
As first time home buyers Cody was more than helpull!! Great service and always available to answer questions!
Winnipeg, MB
Buying my first home through Kevin was the best thing I could have done. Him and his team made everything go so smoothly. Would highly re...
Winnipeg, MB
Took the time to research the house we looked at. Very knowledgeable about zoning laws. Didn't feel rushed or pressured to make a decisio...
Victoria, BC
No longer a licensed realtor in British Columbia.
Kitchener, ON
Doug put in languages in the contract that helped to protect us and he's a pleasure to work with.
Mississauga, ON
Having lived a very comfortable and great life in Mississauga for more than 25 years me & my wife Dr Shashi thought of moving into our ne...